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My husband always said that I had an eye for decorating. I never knew what he meant until we bought a new home and we needed to go shopping to furnish it. When we bought this house, we only planned on living in it for three years and then we wanted to sell and get a home with a little more yard space. I knew with this house, I wanted to create a modern farmhouse look. I wanted to have a beautiful space to live in and also when someone came to see it on the market that they would fall in love with it. And so it is that I have brought my decorating eye with me in this wonderful project that I have called PS Home Decor & Accessories, LLC.

Over the years, as a teacher and home decor enthusiast, I have been invited to help others design classroom displays, school themes, and interior designs for home and garden.

Now is the time for me to take a dive into the deep end of the home decor and interior design pool. Please join me on an exploration of beauty, elegance, practicality, and comfort.


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Home Stylist/ Decorator

Home Stylist/ Decorator